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Evil is Not Confined To One Nation

The attacks in Norway was a travesty, and a reminder of the darkness of human nature.  The police arrested Anders Breivik who is the only suspect at this time. Brevik admitted to the bombing, and  the shootings that claimed the lives of many.

Before the apprehension of Anders Brevik many thought the attacks was the work of al-Qaeda and their allies. Reporters discussed Norway’s membership in NATO, operations in Libya and Afghanistan as possible reasons for the attacks. When the police finally apprehended Anders Brevik many were surprised that he was blonde, blue-eyed,  and a native Norwegian. The only good thing that may come out these attacks is that it will remind us that evil can come in all forms. For many years people always blame Islamic militants initially for any violent attacks. This trend  of blaming Islamic militants started with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center by al-Qaeda in 1993. Since the 1993 attack people  have always looked to Islamic Militants as their prime suspect. This video shows how Islamic militants were the initial  suspect in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings.  The Oklahoma City bombings and Oslo attacks are similar in the respect that people blamed the wrong culprits. Later it was discovered that Tim McVeigh, an American was responsible for the bombing. Some people refused to believe that an American could kill so many of their own.

The suspect Anders Brevik. Image from his website.

Evil is not confined to one nation, one religion, or one race. The potential for evil resides in every one of us.  The choices we make is what makes us good or evil. The major problem is that evil does not always recognize itself as evil.  Many times in history people believe they’re doing good, but do evil things. The best example is Hitler who believed all his actions were justified to protect Germany. Anders Brevick also claimed his actions were for the good of his country, and described himself as a modern Knight.  We must be aware that evil can come from anyone, and any place. If we neglect this fact we put ourselves in great danger.


Women’s Sports Deserve More Respect

Women’s sports usually don’t get the same level as coverage as men sports. Recently the 2011 USA women’s soccer team received plenty of media coverage when they defeated Brazil in overtime in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, and then went on to beat France 3-1 in the semi-finals.  Their level of coverage in the U.S. was surprising  considering the sport was soccer which is not popular in America. Professional soccer in the U.S. doesn’t receive much media coverage, and does not receive the same level of financial  support as other sports like baseball. You can imagine the frustration for the players when dedicate your life to a sport that is not appreciated, and you’re a women.

The U.S.  Women’s  Professional Soccer League barely survives today, because of the lack of financial support. Most U.S. female professional soccer players get paid little compared to their male counterparts which is not saying much. The lack of support for female leagues  is not unique to soccer. The Women’s National Basketball Association suffers from financial troubles and only survives because it receives funding from the NBA. Part of the problem is the lack of awareness of female sports leagues. Most people are familiar with the NFL, but did you know there is a female football league. No I’m not talking about the Lingerie Football League. It is sad that most people are only familiar with men’s leagues. When you look at the facts it is clear that female sports are not popular with the public, and receives very little media coverage.

Nike ad

Why are female leagues not more popular? It’s hard to believe when there are more women than men. So, shouldn’t women sports technically be more popular?  Unfortunately women’s sports is  not that even close to as popular as men’s sports even among women. The main reason that society has a negative stereotype of female athletes. Men typically put down each other by comparing each other to women; you throw like a girl, my mother can play better, my sister can hit harder than you.  The general public assumes that women are not as strong nor as talented as male athletes. This is why women’s sports fields are shorter, female sports equipment are lighter, and women have different standards for competition.There is nothing wrong to say that men are naturally stronger than a woman, because it’s scientifically true that men tend to be physically stronger than women. However, it goes too far to say that  a woman is not capable of making up the physical difference between men and women. Although, Team USA lost to Japan in the World Cup finals this team has more heart and talent than most men’s soccer teams.

Team USA helped women sports gain more respect in the eyes of the American public. They had to overcome challenges of being female athletes, and dedicating their lives to a sport that is not really appreciated in America.  They deserved all media attention they received. Not because they are women, but because they are great American athletes.

Honest 2012 Presidential Slogans

Mitt Romney

I wear special Mormon underwear


Herman Cain 

Republicans needed a token black candidate


Ron Paul

I like the attention


Sarah Palin

I want to sell more of my books and stuff


Michele Bachmann

I’m like Sarah Palin, but hotter


Barack Obama

A lot of people don’t like me, but I did kill Osama!

Reasons Why The Casey Anthony Trial Shouldn’t Be News

Children Are Often Victims 

The murder of children is unfortunately not unusual. There have been many cases of parents accused of murder this year. An Alabama couple were accused of torturing his two children, who were then murdered.  This case is more horrific than the Casey Anthony Trial, so why wasn’t that in the news. Was it because the Casey Anthony Trial was about a mother accused of killing a young child? That can’t be the reason, because there have been many cases of mothers accused of killing their children. Texas mother Julianne McCrery made her first court appearance in the murder of her 6-year-old son. Again I ask, why does the Casey Anthony Trial get special media coverage? When you give one case special attention others, you are basically stating that the lives of the other victims do not matter as much. We should not pretend that the abuse and murder of children is rare. What happened to Caylee Anthony was horrible, but it’s not unique.

There are Tragedies All Around The World 

At this very second people are dying in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In Libya people are fighting, and dying for their freedom from a horrible dictator. People are being killed in Syria for protesting against their government.Also, the United States is still fighting two wars. Recently in Iraq three U.S. soldiers were killed.  In Afghanistan the U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan have reached 1,542. There is nothing we can do to bring back Caylee Anthony, but it’s possible to save the lives of others all around the world right now.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Many already decided that Casey Anthony was guilty even before the case began. Many are now upset that she was found innocent, but in the U.S. you are innocent until proven guilty.  The problem is that the how and where Caylee died is still a mystery. Her remains were so mutilated  by animals that determining how she died is impossible. Her death could have been easily an accident, and her mother covered it up.  There is no proof that Casey Anthony was directly responsible for her daughter’s death. The lack of proof, and the possibility of an accidental death means nobody has the right to judge Casey Anthony as a murderer. The sad fact that we may never know how Caylee died.

In Conclusion

There are many of you who feel quite passionate about this case. I’m sure many of you will not agree with me, and some of you are mad that I feel this way. I do care about the death of  young Caylee Anthony, but I don’t think its’ more important than the other horrible things going on the world this very minute.

Feel free to comment, and express yourself on this topic.

RISE OF THE MOVIE REMAKES! Why are there so many remakes?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for last decade, you’ve noticed that Hollywood is making a lot of remakes. The most recent remake about to come out in theaters is “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” which is really a remake of “Conquest of The Planet of the Apes” with a different title. The question must be asked, why is Hollywood making so many remakes instead of making original movies? The reason for Hollywood remakes is not that surprising if you think about it. The movie industry has been losing money over the years. As a result of the loss of revenue movie companies are less likely to take any major risks.  So, any original scripts are harder to get produced, because there is no guarantee that they will make a profit. On the other hand if a movie in the past had success it will most likely get remade. Movie companies are hoping that fans of original movies will go see the remakes. From a purely marketing stand point remaking a movie is smart. The title of the movie sells itself. If you go to a movie theater and you see “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” you automatically know what the movie is about, and more likely to see it. Let’s look at the movies possibly getting remade in the near future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep in mind that this list does not count sequels. This list only includes remakes or reboots of popular movies. Every single one of these movies had financial success, and still has a fan following. This is also the reason why so many comic book movies are being made. Any movie that will have instant name recognition usually does financially well. Superman, Batman, Spider-man, are all comic book characters that brought large amounts of people to the movie theaters. Basically, anything that has a name that an audience will recognize. So, all your favorite cartoons, TV show, books, movies will most likely get a remake/reboot/sequel/adaptation sometime in future if it already hasn’t.

A good question to ask is how as consumers can we stop movie companies from remaking movies? A simple answer would be for people stop going to see movie remakes, but in reality people will go see them. We love to see our favorite characters with a new perspective. We have a curious cat problem. We want to see these movies, but are never satisfied with the results. Even if we could to people from going  to see remakes, the movie industry will just try to make another remake from another successful franchise.

I addressed in the beginning of this post this all started, because the movie industry is losing money. Why is the movie industry losing money? The most obvious reason is pirating of movies. Millions of people watch the movie online, and never pay to see the movie. The movie industry loves to say that this is the only reason they’re losing money, but they’re wrong. Going to movies is probably one of the most expensive things you can do now. The tickets and the food can make going to movies really expensive. Would you watch a movie in the theater or watch it home for free? No question you would watch it for free, unless you really want to watch it in the theater.

The movie industry needs to realize that the movie theatre experience is dying. In my father’s time you could catch a double or triple feature and spend most of the day at the theatre. When was the last time you could or really wanted to spend your whole day in a movie theatre? Now 3-D has become a big deal. I honestly like 3-D in some not all cases. For example Avatar. Although the movie Avatar was not the best I’ve ever seen. The 3-D experience in Avatar was epic, and made movie fun to watch. The movie industry has embraced 3-D since Avatar as an attempt to bring audiences back to the movie theatre. In the most part I applaud the effort, but movie companies are risking to make 3-D a gimmick. Movies like “Clash of The Titans” were made for 3-D, but it wasn’t planned to be a 3-D movie. The result was that “Clash of the Titans” was a mediocre movie with mediocre 3-D. The only good thing that came out of that movie was the phrase “Release the Kraken!”

The movie making business has become simply more about the money than anything else. The industry needs to realize that they’re the problem, and pirated movies are the symptom. Their failure to research what audiences really want to see in theaters is killing the industry.

Disqualifying The Iranian Women’s Soccer Team Is Not Democratic

Today as a fan of soccer I’m very upset with the recent decision of FIFA. For those that may not know. FIFA officials disqualified the Iranian women’s soccer team in a crucial match that would qualify them for the Olympic Games. The reason they were disqualified was because the female athletes were wearing religious head scarfs. Earlier in April FIFA decided to ban all religious garments in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  The Iranian team toke it upon themselves to make a headscarf that was tight around the head, and complied with FIFA regulations. When the FIFA officials found that they were still in breach of regulations they were disqualified. This decision left these hardworking athletes in tears.

FIFA states that another reason for the ban is for the safety of the players. The official rules state  a player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to themselves or another player. FIFA contends that these head scarfs are dangerous. I would disagree. Also, a number of FIFA players wear headgear that I would consider more dangerous.Petr Cech, goal keeper for the team Chelsea. He is seen here wearing headgear every game after a serious head injury. I would contend that his headgear poses a bigger threat since it contains padding.

I am not a supporter of Iranian policy of forcing women to wear the headscarf. I believe that religion should be a choice, and shouldn’t be forced. To force women to wear the headscarf is oppression of the women’s right to express their faith as they see fit. That being said banning the headscarf also means that Muslim women from other countries, including western countries cannot compete. This ban forces observant Muslim women to choose between the beliefs, and their desire to compete. I suspect that this decision was made with other motives.  Whether the motives were political in nature, I’m not sure. I am sure that this decision is not Democratic, because Democracy is inclusive not exclusive. I’m sure that it’s not religious freedom. It’s simply wrong. This decision hurts the spirit of the Olympic Games, and FIFA should be ashamed.

What do you think?

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