The new Planet of the Apes reboot is about to come out, because reboots are the cool thing now, right?  Read my post, RISE OF THE MOVIE REMAKES! Why are there so many remakes, for more on current state of movie making. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is Hollywood’s next attempt to milk an old franchise. Planet of the Apes is probably one of the greatest Science-Fiction movie franchises, but there have always been problems with the basic plot of the movie. The problem is that a “Planet of the Apes” could never happen. Here are the reasons.

1. Population

The Human population of the world is close to 7 billion.  The ape population is nowhere close to the billions.

Estimated Chimpanzee  population: 200,000

Estimated Orangutan population:  60,000

Estimated Gorilla population:  130,000

These numbers are just estimates, but most scientists would agree that these species are in danger of being extinct. So, there is no way such a small population could take over the planet from 7 billion humans. Even if the apes put up a good fight, they would undoubtedly suffer heavy casualties in the process.

*If you would like to help these endangered species go to the World Wildlife Fund website.*

2. Weapons

Humans have become good at making weapons. We have an arsenal of weapons including aircrafts, battleships, tanks, guns, and nuclear weapons. It is impossible that apes could access as many or the diversity of weapons that humans have accumulated over the years. Even if apes got a stock pile of guns and ammunition, we could attack them with tanks, fighter jets, and tactical missiles. As a last resort, we could still use nuclear weapons to wipe them all out.  Apes simply do not stand a chance.

3. Apes are no better than humans

Some groups, especially hippies, try to convince people that animals are better than humans.”Animals are so much nicer than people”, this is simply not true. Apes have been known to do some horrific things to each other. Chimpanzees are known to kill rival chimpanzees for territory,  food, and sex. There haven even  been many instances that chimps have attacked, and killed humans with little reason. Other apes are no better than chimps. Male Orangutans have been known to rape female Orangutans in the wild. Observed ape behavior has shown that violent behavior is not confined to humans. If Apes are just as violent as humans, wouldn’t they also think like humans about certain issues such as race? This is the ultimate problem with Planet of the Apes, how can three distinct species of Apes get along so well? Humans can’t even get along with each other for the most ridiculous reasons.  If Apes were able to take over the world, they would fight each other just like humans. Imagine it, Chimps vs. Gorillas vs. Orangutans in a death match.

These are top reasons why Apes could never take over the world from humans. The only way Apes could take over is if the human population became extinct. As a result the Apes would win by default, because humans no longer exist.