The attacks in Norway was a travesty, and a reminder of the darkness of human nature.  The police arrested Anders Breivik who is the only suspect at this time. Brevik admitted to the bombing, and  the shootings that claimed the lives of many.

Before the apprehension of Anders Brevik many thought the attacks was the work of al-Qaeda and their allies. Reporters discussed Norway’s membership in NATO, operations in Libya and Afghanistan as possible reasons for the attacks. When the police finally apprehended Anders Brevik many were surprised that he was blonde, blue-eyed,  and a native Norwegian. The only good thing that may come out these attacks is that it will remind us that evil can come in all forms. For many years people always blame Islamic militants initially for any violent attacks. This trend  of blaming Islamic militants started with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center by al-Qaeda in 1993. Since the 1993 attack people  have always looked to Islamic Militants as their prime suspect. This video shows how Islamic militants were the initial  suspect in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings.  The Oklahoma City bombings and Oslo attacks are similar in the respect that people blamed the wrong culprits. Later it was discovered that Tim McVeigh, an American was responsible for the bombing. Some people refused to believe that an American could kill so many of their own.

The suspect Anders Brevik. Image from his website.

Evil is not confined to one nation, one religion, or one race. The potential for evil resides in every one of us.  The choices we make is what makes us good or evil. The major problem is that evil does not always recognize itself as evil.  Many times in history people believe they’re doing good, but do evil things. The best example is Hitler who believed all his actions were justified to protect Germany. Anders Brevick also claimed his actions were for the good of his country, and described himself as a modern Knight.  We must be aware that evil can come from anyone, and any place. If we neglect this fact we put ourselves in great danger.