Children Are Often Victims 

The murder of children is unfortunately not unusual. There have been many cases of parents accused of murder this year. An Alabama couple were accused of torturing his two children, who were then murdered.  This case is more horrific than the Casey Anthony Trial, so why wasn’t that in the news. Was it because the Casey Anthony Trial was about a mother accused of killing a young child? That can’t be the reason, because there have been many cases of mothers accused of killing their children. Texas mother Julianne McCrery made her first court appearance in the murder of her 6-year-old son. Again I ask, why does the Casey Anthony Trial get special media coverage? When you give one case special attention others, you are basically stating that the lives of the other victims do not matter as much. We should not pretend that the abuse and murder of children is rare. What happened to Caylee Anthony was horrible, but it’s not unique.

There are Tragedies All Around The World 

At this very second people are dying in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In Libya people are fighting, and dying for their freedom from a horrible dictator. People are being killed in Syria for protesting against their government.Also, the United States is still fighting two wars. Recently in Iraq three U.S. soldiers were killed.  In Afghanistan the U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan have reached 1,542. There is nothing we can do to bring back Caylee Anthony, but it’s possible to save the lives of others all around the world right now.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Many already decided that Casey Anthony was guilty even before the case began. Many are now upset that she was found innocent, but in the U.S. you are innocent until proven guilty.  The problem is that the how and where Caylee died is still a mystery. Her remains were so mutilated  by animals that determining how she died is impossible. Her death could have been easily an accident, and her mother covered it up.  There is no proof that Casey Anthony was directly responsible for her daughter’s death. The lack of proof, and the possibility of an accidental death means nobody has the right to judge Casey Anthony as a murderer. The sad fact that we may never know how Caylee died.

In Conclusion

There are many of you who feel quite passionate about this case. I’m sure many of you will not agree with me, and some of you are mad that I feel this way. I do care about the death of  young Caylee Anthony, but I don’t think its’ more important than the other horrible things going on the world this very minute.

Feel free to comment, and express yourself on this topic.