Immigrant parents are not always aware when they come to the United States that their name means something completely different in English. An example would be in India a typical boy name is Manmeet which in English sounds like a sexual innuendo. I started to wonder if there are any typical American names that have a different meaning in other languages. After some research this is what I discovered.

The name PETER sounds like the French word for FART.

The name GARY sounds like the Japanese word for DIARRHEA.

The name HANNAH sounds like the Japanese word for NOSE.

The name MATT sounds like the Arabic word for DEATH.

The name BILL sounds like the Dutch word for BUTT CHEEK.

The name PITT sounds like the Swedish word for DICK.

The name BOBBY sounds like the Indonesian word for PIG.

The name LUKE sounds like the Russian word for MANHOLE.

If you encounter a person with a funny name just remember that your name is probably funny in some parts of the world.